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331st Training Squadron


331st Training Squadron

Peterson Training Complex

Commander:  Lt. Col. Joshua Hardin             

Senior Enlisted Leader:  Chief Master Sgt. Damarcus Forney

Squadron Lineage:  Designated 3743d WAF Training Squadron and organized on Aug. 26, 1948. Re-designated 3743d Basic Military Training Squadron on May 15, 1973; 331st Basic Training Squadron on Aug. 25, 1992; and 331st Training Squadron on April 1, 1994. The 331st Training Squadron moved into Airman Training Complex #4 in February 2016.

Mission Statement: Provide world-class basic military training to transform civilians into Airmen enabling 21st Century Airpower.

Vision:  Leading the way to shape the AIRMEN of tomorrow.

Squadron Mascot: Wolf

Squadron Color:  Black

Squadron Chant:  Wolfpack!...Lead the Way! Lead the Way!...Wolfpack!

Trainee Address Information: BMT mail is delivered to Lackland via the United States Postal Service using the same rules your home post office follows.  Incorrectly addressed mail may not make it to the intended recipient.  If a trainee is transferred to another flight or squadron, they are always given the opportunity to notify their family members of their new mailing address.  All BMT mailing addresses should look like the following:

AB [Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial]
1320 Truemper St
JBSA-Lackland, TX 78236-6407

Trainees are provided their correct mailing address in the first day or two of BMT and are permitted to photograph it and send the photo to their family.  We encourage this to minimize the chances of misdirected mail and to make it easy for family members to share the correct address with other friends and family who wish to write a trainee.  You may run across dated information on other web sites that show mailing addresses specific to BMT squadrons and dormitories.  These are no longer used and there is no need for family members to know the dormitory number.  Whatever your trainee sends you during the first week is their correct address and, unless they reach out with a change, you can be assured what they gave you is correct.

Basic Trainees are allowed to receive letters (with photos, if desired, but all photos must be in good taste and reflect the professional atmosphere of BMT).  If a trainee receives a package, it must be opened in the presence of an MTI to ensure no contraband is introduced into the flight.  Any food or other contraband will be thrown away.  Basic Trainees are able to purchase all essential items, and their personal living space has very little storage for extra items, so care packages are not needed or recommended.  Do not send electronics or cameras to your trainee.

For More Information: Call the Pfingston Reception Center at 210-671-3024 Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The 331st TRS Airmen Training Complex #4 is named after Grace Peterson, the first female
Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. To learn more about her, please visit