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326th Training Squadron



326th Training Squadron

"Airmen's Week"



To be the cornerstone of Airmanship for the Air Force.



Develop professional, resilient Airmen inspired by our heritage, committed to

Air Force Core Values motivated to deliver airpower for America.


 Squadron Lineage:

Designated: 3707th Training Squadron, and organized, on 26 Aug 1948.

Redesignated: 3707th Basic Military Training Squadron on 7 Feb 1952.

Redesignated: 326th Basic Training Squadron on 25 Aug 1992.

Redesignated: 326th Training Squadron on 1 Apr 1994.

Transitioned Mission: Capstone on 23 Mar 2015.

Renamed Program: Airmen’s Week on 11 May 2015.


“This was started as an effort to strengthen the respect and dignity we

should have in ourselves and for others, to respect the diversity we

have in our force, and that ties us to our Core Values.”

                                - General Mark Welsh, Former CSAF



Values Based Curriculum:

The Airmen’s Week approach utilizes “affective learning” methods which require Airmen

 to not only respond to and engage with material presented, but also make a value judgment on it.

It allows Airmen to personalize the Core Values, giving them a greater understanding of the Airmen’s

Creed and helping them understand their role in the Air Force mission. By setting expectations for Airmen

as members of the Air Force and Profession of Arms, we’re able to build a sense of purpose, belonging, and

identity which shapes their behavior and choices in the face of moral and ethical dilemmas. Our 31 hours of

contractor-developed curriculum consist of 5 hours of large group instruction and 26 hours of small group

(16 Airmen) facilitation.





Military Training Instructor Facilitators provide foundational mentorship to Airmen in the role of

a traditional Non-Commissioned Officer. Their approach toward Airmen is as a coach, mentor, and

supervisor tasked to inspire commitment to the Air Force Core Values.






The mission is executed by a team consisting of the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE)

 as the program manager, B3H as the curriculum developer, 20 civilian facilitators, and 60

Military Training Instructors (MTIs) who are hand-selected and trained in facilitation techniques.

Community Outreach:

Opportunities to build teamwork and wingmanship are also provided. Through local community

involvement, Airmen are encouraged to volunteer, allowing them another way to internalize the

value of service to others.
















326 TRS – Chapman Training Complex


The “Bulldogs” proudly wear BLUE colored belts during the Airmen’s Week.