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Wednesday Schedule

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Airman's Run
The Airman's Run is a 1.5-mile run that celebrates the culmination of Basic Military Training. The run takes place in the Pfingston Reception Center (PRC) and guests will have the opportunity to line-up along the run route in the Airman's Arena (the outdoor area at the PRC) to cheer on their Airman. Airmen will pass through the run-route twice giving giving guests the opportunity to get a glimpse of their Airman for the first time in 7.5 weeks. 
BMT Informational Briefing
The event briefing is essentially a welcome presentation located inside the Pfingston Reception Center auditorium. The briefing includes watching some videos and learning more about what to expect during the graduation events. All are encouraged to attend.
New Spouse Orientation
The New Spouse Orientation is located inside the Pfingston Reception Center Chief's Room. The orientation is designed to inform and educate new Air Force/Space Force spouses on the resources available to them, and arm them with information about the next steps (from Tech School to their first permanent duty station). Join us to meet other spouses and ask your questions. Those who attend the orientation will have the opportunity to sit in reserved seating prior to the start of the Airman's Coin Ceremony.
Coin and Retreat Ceremony
The Airmen Coin Ceremony is a retreat ceremony in which Airmen receive the coveted Airmen or Guardian coin that signifies their transition from "trainee" to "Airman." Upon presentation of the coin by their Military Training Instructor, trainees will officially become Airmen and Guardians. Guests will have the opportunity to "tap out" their loved one following the ceremony.
Graduation Parade
The Graduation Parade is the formal parade located at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland parade grounds. Airmen will perform a traditional military parade in their blue uniform. They will march down the "bomb run" and conduct a pass and review for visitors. Following the ceremony family members will be able to "tap out" their Airmen.
Town Pass/Liberty
Following the Airman's Coin Ceremony, Airmen will be able to leave base and spend time with their families. Following graduation, Airmen will be allowed to spend additional time with their families on the installation. A number of activities are available during that time frame. Click here for more information. (Town Pass is currently on both days)

Airman's Run Map