Graduation Activities and Guest Information

BMT graduations are normally scheduled every Thursday at 10 a.m. Central. However, beginning June 8-9, 2022, BMT graduations will take place on 2 days. See schedule below.

Wednesday Day #1

6:00 AM               Pfingston Reception Center Opens
7:30 AM               Airman’s Run
8:00 AM               Events Briefing
8:45 AM               New Spouse Orientation
9:00 AM               Events Briefing (same as 8 a.m.)
10:00 AM             Airman’s Coin Ceremony
10:30 AM             Off-Base Liberty
8:00 PM               Airmen are due back to Training Squadron

Thursday Day #2

6:00 AM               Pfingston Reception Center Opens
7:30 AM               Buses for handicapped visitors begin to depart from Pfingston Reception Center to Parade Grounds (last departure at 8:30 a.m.)
9:00 AM               Graduation Parade
9:30 AM               On-Base Liberty
6:00 PM               Airmen are due back to Training Squadron

As of March 31, 2022, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland is under Health Protection Condition Alpha. Please refer to Guidance Memo #67 for more information.

The COVID protocols outlined in the information on this site will be adhered to in order to maintain a culture of safety, and to mitigate risk to the force, risk to the mission and risk to the community. We continuously evaluate conditions and adjust COVID policy as conditions improve or degrade. Information will be updated if/when conditions change. 

Graduation FAQ

 Visitor Access:

Q: How do I get my visitor pass?

A: During one of the first phone calls home, trainees will get the necessary information to fill out visitor passes. Once processed, passes will be mailed to visitors around the 3rd week of training. You must have your visitor pass, and a proper form of ID, on you when entering the installation.

Q. If I have a DoD ID card, do I also need a pass?

A: DoD ID cardholders will not require an installation visitor pass. 

Q. I left my access pass at home, or never received it in the mail. How can I get another one?

A: You may have your installation access pass reprinted at the Luke East Gate Visitor Center. Visitor Center hours are from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. If you need your pass reprinted, it is highly recommended you go on Wednesday to have it reprinted.

Q. I'm taking an Uber/Taxi to the base. Where should I get dropped off?

A: Most Uber and Taxi drivers will not have base access. You can get dropped off at the Valley Hi or Luke East Gate visitor centers. Both gates are approximately .7 miles walk to the ceremony site. If being dropped off at the Luke East Gate, we recommend you take the pedestrian bridge over the highway for the quickest route to the ceremony site.

COVID Vaccines:

Q: If the COVID vaccination required to attend the ceremony?

A: Visitors are not required to show proof of COVID vaccination to enter the graduation ceremony. Visitors are encourage to be vaccinated for the health and safety of all attending.

Number of Guests:

Q: How many guests can attend the ceremony?

A: Each trainee can invite four guests (18 and older) who require installation access. Children under the age of 18 may accompany parents/guardians and do not require a separate visitor pass.

Q: Are additional guests allowed on the installation?

A: Each trainee can invite four guests who require installation access. Any individual with a Department of Defense ID card may attend.

Q: Can a DoD ID card holder escort guests to the ceremony?

A:  If a guest is a Department of Defense ID card holder, they may escort individuals onto the installation, and to the ceremony, as long as all parties are in the same vehicle. Escorts are authorized to escort up to 5 visitors at any one time onto any Joint Base San Antonio location. Escorts must physically escort their visitors and remain within reasonable visual contact with the visitor throughout the visitors' stay on the installation. The accepted vehicle ratio is one escort for one vehicle of visitors. Escorts of visitors are responsible and liable for the actions of their visitors while on the installation. Escorts must report any conduct by the visitor that is deemed suspicious, detrimental to the safety and order of the JBSA community. The 802d Security Force Squadron, Base Defense Operations Center will be notified immediately of any incident that risks the safety and welfare of the JBSA community.

On- or Off-Base Liberty:

Q: Can I take my trainee off-base after the graduation ceremony?

A: Trainees who earn off-base liberty will be able to accompany their guests off base following the graduation ceremony. They must return and be signed back into their squadron by 6 or 7 p.m. the same day. Return time depends on the graduating squadron.

Q: Can graduates meet up with additional family members' off-installation after the ceremony?

A: Graduates are allowed to invite four guests (18 or older) who require installation access. Children under the age of 18 may accompany their parents/guardians to the ceremony. If the graduate has earned off-installation liberty, they may leave the installation with their guests. If they happen to meet up with additional guests off installation, we ask that individuals remain vigilant in helping us maintain the health of our training pipeline by following CDC guidance in regards to mask wear, hygiene and physical distancing. Please note that off-instillation liberty is earned by the graduate.

Q: Does my graduate get liberty on the weekend?

A: All graduates ship to technical training on Friday following Thursday's graduation ceremony. If they are staying at JBSA-Lackland for technical training, they may have the opportunity for on-base liberty during the weekend.

Live Stream:

Q: Where can I find the link to the Live Stream?

A: The graduation is streamed via Facebook Live each week. There are no links to click. Just follow the USAF Basic Military Training FB page and the stream will start as a separate post starting at 9:55 a.m. Central.