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✅ Parking lots are used for both graduation event days. After entering the installation, and reaching the Pfingston Reception Center, visitors will be directed to three primary BMT parking lots.

✅ The Airman's Coin Ceremony and Run are held at the Pfingston Reception Center (PRC). The graduation parade is held at the parade grounds located across Military Hwy. 

✅ Guests will park in these locations and then walk across Truemper Street Bridge and or the Pedestrian Walkway (goes over Military Hwy) to reach the parade grounds.

✅ Visitors may operate their Personally Owned Vehicles on the installation.

✅ Handicap parking is available for those with a permit.

✅ Uber and Lyft will drop guests off a the gates. The car services are not allowed on the installation without proper access.

Pfingston Reception Center


Parade Field Map


Pfingston Reception Center
1800 Truemper St (BLDG 6330)
Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas 78236


Lackland Parade Field
Bong Avenue
Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas 78236


✅ Visitors driving their personal or rental vehicles will use the Selfridge West Gate (off I-90 and Military Hwy) or the Valley Hi Gate (off 410 and Valley Hi Drive).

✅ If entering the Selfridge West Gate, you will take an immediate right (George Ave) upon entering the base. George Ave will turn into Gary Ave which will take you to the designated parking (see map).

✅ If entering the Valley Hi Gate, you will be directed to parking lots located off Truemper St.  

✅ Guests arriving by taxi/Uber/Lyft can be dropped off at the Luke East visitor center parking lot and take the pedestrian bridge to reach the ceremony site. Or, be dropped off at the Valley Hi gate visitor center parking lot and follow Truemper St. to the ceremony site. Both locations are about a .7 mile walk. *Note: The Valley Hi visitor center parking lot only has one-way in/out so expect delays.


Valley Hi Gate